26 May 2014

A few years ago I was relaxing in a pleasant café on Sanjo-dori, Iyemon, having photographed the annual Jidai Matsuri that morning. Sitting there I had the idea to start a photo gallery but starting one in Kyoto from scratch was a step too far to start with so I decided to create and launch a Kyoto Photo Gallery website instead. This was planned to coincide with a number of exhibitions entitled ‘Kyoto – city of dreams’, the first in London in June, the next in Kyoto in October, and others are being planned for 2015

Prior to being a professional travel photographer having visited around sixty countries, I was a television cameraman, television lighting director, stage lighting designer and author. 

I have been visiting the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto, since 1987 and from that first time I was entranced by its temples, shrines, geisha, kimonos and all the arts as I saw them. I knew little about all this at the time but over the years have come to learn a lot more. 

One highly significant reason for my twice annual trips is that I met my partner in 1991 who is from Kyoto and we have visited her family many times over the years. Chizuko Kimura is a highly qualified kimono maker, Urasenke tea master and now photographer. 

There will be more news to come so please Bookmark us. Thank you. 

Jeremy Hoare